5 Items You Need to Get Through Even the Worst Fall Weather

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Autumn is often named as a favorite season due to its sheer beauty! However, fall weather is also the most unpredictable of the year, often catching us unprepared.

It is important to have certain clothing and accessories such as a windproof umbrella to get you through the worst fall weather. Here are five top items you will need.

Windproof Umbrella

A lot of autumn’s wind and precipitation can be avoided with a high quality windproof umbrella, like the one made by Repel Umbrella. It should be noted, that while you don’t need to spend a fortune on an umbrella, that not all live up to the job.

If you have ever struggled to open your umbrella quickly, especially when getting out of your car, then you know what I mean. If you purchased an umbrella at the checkout counter, it no doubt turned inside out with the first gust of wind. That simply will not do in unpredictable fall weather. A windproof umbrella made with a solid steel shaft is going to last and keep you protected.

Warm Layers

Depending on your exact location, during the fall temperatures can be in the 80s during the afternoon and drop drastically in the evenings. It is a very unpredictable season.

We often find ourselves outside enjoying a fun family activity during the autumn days – and then suddenly the sun goes down and teeth are chattering.

Dressing in layers is the best way to be prepared for the sudden changes throughout the day. Wear a t-shirt, tank top, or other short sleeved shirt, with a light cardigan on top.

Lightweight sweaters are flattering to every body type and comfortable to wear. They will keep you warm, especially when paired with a waterproof jacket. A casual cardigan can compliment any outfit and be perfect for a night out too.

Rain Jacket

Pair a lightweight, waterproof rain jacket with your layered outfit and be more than comfortable for any weather fall throws at you.

There is no need for a bulky jacket, but a lined one will keep you extra warm (especially if you choose not to layer up). It should definitely repel water and wind in case you forget your umbrella. Let’s face it, that happens quite often.

Your outerwear should also have a hood for the same reasons, and deep pockets with zippers so you can stash your phone and keep it dry when you’re caught in the rain.

Rain Poncho

Although it may be considered “outerwear,” a rain poncho is an extremely convenient item to have handy in the fall. Just think of the outside football games!

A windproof umbrella and quality rain jacket can only do so much, in a somewhat short timespan. If you are going to be out in miserable, rainy weather for a duration of time, a rain poncho can take a lot of the pressure off.

A weather emergency rain poncho will block most of the weather as it covers your entire body – something even the best windproof umbrella and rain jacket can’t do.

They are also a great quick fix, and easily stored in your purse or coat pocket just in case. They are also hands free which is a benefit if you happen to not be able to carry a windproof umbrella with you.

Rain Boots

Just as important as a quality wind umbrella, layers, outerwear, and emergency rain poncho, are rain boots. Not only are they functional, there’s a variety of rain boots to choose from to appease your style and coordinate with your existing rain attire. Many are even comfortable enough to wear all day, with no need to change or carry wet shoes.

Stylish, high traction, slip-proof shoes are extremely useful on wet floors which are often slippery. A good rain boot protects you from more than just wet socks – it protects you from dangerous slips and falls.

Rain boots that are tough on the outside, but soft and lined on the inside, are especially cozy and will keep your feet warm and dry. If you are a commuter, rain puddles are inevitable, but cold, wet feet are not.

It’s hard to always trust weather predictions in the fall, and we are not often prepared for the sudden change from a day filled with sunshine to one drenched in a cold rain.

By having a windproof umbrella, rain jacket and boots, a rain poncho, and dressing in layers, you are well on your way to surviving the worst fall weather. Be sure to shop for high-quality items. There is nothing worse than rain gear and waterproof clothing failing you in the middle of a storm.

Once you have these essential items, you will never want the autumn days to end.