Can you rely on CenturyLink’s Internet?

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Why do so many people like CenturyLink? Our 2020 internet customer satisfaction survey found that CenturyLink consistently ranked in the bottom third of the pack regarding issues like service reliability and installation quality.

Having said that, we believe CenturyLink fiber internet (if available) to be an excellent value for the money. CenturyLink Fiber Internet costs $65 per month, making it one of the most affordable fiber options on the market. DSL service from CenturyLink isn’t the best option for those looking for reliable internet service.

CenturyLink’s fiber-optic Internet

Experts recommend CenturyLink’s fiber internet plan if available in your area. This plan’s download and upload speeds are up to 940 Mbps, allowing you to consume an entire gigabyte of data in just eight seconds flat. In addition, CenturyLink does not require any long-term contracts as long as you are a customer.

It’s always a good idea to get fiber internet because you’ll get the fastest upload and download speeds compared to cable or DSL internet. Most fiber internet plans cost around $80 per month, but CenturyLink Fiber Internet costs just $65 per month.

CenturyLink offers a $50/month 100 Mbps fiber internet plan, but it’s hard to see its benefit. Adding the $15 monthly modem fee (which is waived on the 940 Mbps plan) to the 100 Mbps plan reduces your internet speed while increasing your costs. Starting with a 200 Mbps plan, CenturyLink has reduced the price of this service to $30 for the first year in some markets. Despite the savings, we still prefer CenturyLink’s 940 Mbps fiber plan because it’s more cost-effective overall.

Although CenturyLink’s fiber internet plans are reasonably priced, CenturyLink still has the same problem as many fiber internet providers—the fiber network of the internet service provider (ISP) is still being rolled out.

A high probability exists that you can get fiber internet near a major city covered by CenturyLink. However, what if you aren’t? Then you’ll be limited to CenturyLink’s Simply Unlimited Internet DSL service.

Unlimited Internet Access

DSL is still a viable option for those who lack access to fiber optics. Simply Unlimited Internet’s download speeds are ten times slower than fiber’s, and their download/upload speeds aren’t the same.

After your promotional rate ends, you won’t have to worry about hefty data overage fees or a sudden price increase. However, if you only use Netflix occasionally and don’t make daily video calls, the $50 DSL plan is still an excellent value. In addition, the unlimited data and no-contract pricing of Simply Unlimited Internet appeal to us.

Your CenturyLink DSL options will be determined by the area-availability goblin, as with most DSL plans. Even if you sign up for Simply Unlimited Internet, you’ll only get one Internet plan that provides the fastest service at your location. You may be able to get a 100 Mbps plan, but CenturyLink can only guarantee “up to 1.5 Mbps” in your area. (I do, too.) Unfortunate as it may be,

If you reside where the download speed is at least 40 Mbps, we recommend Simply Unlimited Internet. You’ll be able to check your email and watch videos at speeds between 40 Mbps and 80 Mbps.

Simply Unlimited Internet can still be a good deal if you’re lucky enough to have 100 Mbps download speeds at your location. However, if CenturyLink’s upload speeds are less than 40 Mbps, you’re better off switching to another cable ISP. The DSL plan costs $50 per month for 100 Mbps, while comparable flat-rate internet plans from Xfinity and Cox cost $45.00 per month and $50.00 per month, respectively.

CenturyLink bundles of Internet and telephone services
All-inclusive Internet + Standard Landline Phone
  • The cost per month is $84.00.
  • Download speeds of up to 100 megabits per second are possible.
  • An upload speed of up to 30 megabits per second
  • There is a local phone service available
CenturyLink’s Fiber Internet and Unlimited Home Phone service
  • The yearly cost is $115 per month.
  • speeds of up to 940 megabits per second
  • An upload speed of up to 30 megabits per second
  • A nationwide calling service is also available in the United States and Canada.

Everyone enjoys a deal, especially if it comes with a discount. To get a bundle from CenturyLink, you’ll have to go with CenturyLink phone service because they don’t offer TV service.

CenturyLink provides two options for residential phone service: Basic Home Phone ($34.50/mo.) includes only local calling, whereas Unlimited Home Phone ($50.00/mo.) includes additional features like call waiting and caller ID. You’ll also have to pay a $35.00 activation fee when you sign up for CenturyLink home phone service.

The last word

CenturyLink’s pricing on its fiber internet and Simply Unlimited Internet plans are straightforward. However, the quality of your CenturyLink service will be influenced greatly by where you reside.