Gaming Desk: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

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If you’re lucky enough to have a room dedicated to your gaming setup, you’ll want to support your gaming system with a high-quality desk. After all, you’ve invested your hard-earned money and time into building a system to play all your favorite games, you shouldn’t be expected to play them on an old table, right?

While some people can get by with a wireless mouse and keyboard, a kitchen table, or even tiny tables, if you want to game in comfort and have room for your system and all its accessories, a gaming desk is a must.

A great desk will not only give you space to store all the necessary components, but also allow for certain adjustments that, when combined with a good chair, will do wonders for your body.

Why buy a gaming table?

One of the main draws when switching to a gaming desk is the sheer amount of space you’ll have available. While a standard desk might only have room for your monitor and a drawer for your keyboard and mouse, a desk built with gaming in mind will have enough room for multiple monitors, a keyboard, and a large area for your mouse.

This is a big advantage when playing games, for obvious reasons. With more room to move your mouse, you’ll bang your keyboard less and never run too close to the edge of the table! If you don’t have enough space, you can mitigate these issues by running a higher sensitivity level, but this can have a negative impact on your gameplay, especially for FPS titles.

Tables have come a long way in the past few years, especially as streaming and esports become more popular. Tables that are aimed at gamers can include RGB lighting, stands for controllers or headphones, and even cup holders! Having a stylish desk rather than a plain old wooden one can really complete your gaming setup.

Where can you buy a gaming table?

Depending on where you live, you’ll be able to pick up a desk from almost any hardware retailer, whether or not they’ll suit your purpose is a completely different question.

We are luckier than ever to live in an age where we can buy almost anything online. Online retailers like Amazon will have hundreds of options for gaming tables, each with their own unique set of features.

Websites that are well known for selling tech components will likely have a few gaming tables on offer as well – although there may be a limited number of options available. Vendors like Scan, Overclocker and Novatech have great options available that really show how extravagant some of these desks can be. While a desk is generally an expensive item to purchase, there are some great options you can choose from that won’t break the bank. It’s worth keeping an eye out for tables that aren’t labeled ‘gaming’, as they’ll sometimes have all the features you need at a fraction of the price.

Which gaming table is best for you?

While we would love to cover all of the best gaming desks currently available, there are so many products to choose from that it would take an entire year! Instead, we’ll pick a few of our favorites that we’ve noticed will serve you well for years to come.

Gaming tables vs. Normal tables

While you can use them for several different purposes from work to gaming, gaming desks have a few key differences from regular desks.

Gaming tables are more likely to have built-in height adjustability to make long gaming sessions more comfortable. They are more likely to have more space for several different peripherals such as controllers, steering wheels or VR headsets.

Normal office desks may have more built-in storage for things like documents or printers, but plenty of gaming desks do too. Additionally, a gaming desk may be more likely to have cable management solutions to help keep your gaming station tidy, which is great news for those who hate trailing cables.

In general, gaming desks are more expensive because they are more likely to come with adjustable features, more space, and also game-specific storage solutions. If you can’t afford one of these, we’d say the two most important things you should look for are the finish they offer and their level of adjustability.

● Height Adjustability

● Load Capacity

● Surface Area

● Materials

Our Conclusion

While you can easily spend up to a thousand dollars on a desk for your gaming rig, the fact is that you may not need one. As long as your desk is sturdy, adjustable, and holds all the necessary components, it will probably serve its purpose very well.

If you have a little extra cash, you can pick up beautiful tables that can really become the focal point of a room. If not, we recommend one of the budget options to start with. Check Baazistore for other multiple gaming accessories like Computer Chair, Gaming desk,Gaming Station etc.