Google mini home review

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Those interested in purchasing a piece of Google’s smart home ecosystem can get started with the Assistant at the lowest possible cost with the Home Mini. Because of its low sound output, it is more useful as a desk companion than a standalone speaker, even though it offers a fair value for the money. Check out the free google home mini.


Compatible with Google Cast +Support for Bluetooth wireless technology


Incredible value


The quality of the sound is poor.

Even though the Google Home Mini was surpassed in popularity by the Nest Mini in the previous year, we don’t think you should write it off just yet – not the least of which is the fact that, as a result, you may discover some excellent offers on the Google Home Mini.

The Google Home Mini is an affordable smart speaker that does something that most of the best Bluetooth speakers can’t do. It’s adorable, it fits in the palm of your hand, and at launch, it costs only $49, £49, or AU$79.Among its features are the Google Assistant, which is always ready to help you find answers, turn on music, dim lights, start a TV show connect with your spectrum TV plan, perform other tasks with nothing more than your voice.

This means that the Home Mini can operate your smart home devices in the same way as the larger and more expensive Google Home and the considerably more capable Google Home Max. However, this is the last point at which comparisons can be made. The Home Mini is not up to the task of being the only source of sound in your home, in contrast to the other products in this category, which make excellent standalone speakers in terms of performance.

There is undoubtedly a degree of subjectivity involved in evaluating the quality of the sound. Still, most people would agree that the Home Mini does not have a lot of potential. The soundstage, despite being advertised as being 360 degrees, is not quite as immersive as it could be. The Mini is adept at retrieving the most esoteric songs you can conceive of from a somewhat wide number of streaming sources; yet, because of the diminutive profile of this speaker, it has difficulty doing these services credit.

However, suppose you already have a Google Home or a speaker with a Chromecast Audio. In that case, the Home Mini will make your existing audio arrangement even more enjoyable by emphasizing the highs in the sound profile. This is because the Home Mini is an expert in this area. Vocals and other sounds of a similar nature come through loud and clear, but their presence comes at the expense of, well, everything else. This is not a problem if you have other speakers who can pick up the burden, but the Home Mini isn’t powerful enough.

Although, it is tough not to advocate picking up one of these little gadgets. The Home Mini is an easy product to recommend, thanks to its intelligent Assistant, an extensive list of functions, and affordable price point.


The Google Home Mini has the appearance of the original Google Home turned on its side, then squashed down to a smaller size. As a result, the textured fabric will be found on the top half of this device, while the matte plastic will be located on the bottom half. This device resembles a macaron if you prefer to make analogies between different types of technology and foods.

The palm-sized Home Mini gives the impression that its fabric mesh is only for appearances. Still, select locations are conducive to your touch to achieve certain effects. For instance, hitting the top will pause and resume the music. Because of concerns over users’ privacy, Google has recently implemented a change that makes it impossible to call up the Assistant.

As you might anticipate, decreasing or increasing the volume on a speaker may be accomplished by placing a finger on either the left or right side of the device. And finally, anytime you navigate using your voice or touch, the Home Mini will glow with four LEDs on its top to signal that your activity has been registered. This occurs regardless of whether you navigate using your voice or touch.

Moving down to the lower half of the device, you’ll find that the Google Home Mini has a micro USB port to provide power (this device does not have a battery, similar to the Amazon Echo Dot), as well as a microphone switch that enables you to turn off active listening. Because of this, the Home Mini is a speaker that requires you to tap it to interact with it.

When you lift up the bottom of the device, you can see a round rubber pad that allows the device to remain stable on whichever surface you put it on.