How to Successfully Do SEO for Zero-Click Searches

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Zero-click search happens when a search engine result page (SERP) displays answers to queries asked by the users on the top of the very page, and it does not require any additional click.

It is Google that decides which keywords as well as content will rank at position zero on SERP. So, if your business practices/invest in SEO, it is high time to optimize content for zero-click searches to derive more traffic and leads and increase the rate of conversions.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your SEO consultant for Zero-Click Searches as it’s the need of time.

Understanding Zero-Click Searches

Understanding zero-click searches is not rocket science. It is just a technique introduced and implemented by Google on 13th March 2020 to eliminate unnecessary results that seem unsatisfactory to users. In other words, zero-click encourages those results that satisfy the users’ search intent faster than before.

According to sources, 64.82% of searches among other searches on Google resulted in zero clicks. A survey done by a reliable channel in 2020 showed that 51.74% of users found zero-click searches helpful; while the remaining 48.56% thought it differently.

Optimizing for Zero-Click Searches

With the emergence of zero-click searches in digital marketing, SEO experts leave no stone unturned to implement this method in SEO campaigns. When most of the users leave Google after getting the result via zero-click search results, businesses/brands/companies take special care of optimizing content to get visible on zero-click search results.

Four tricks to optimize content for zero-click searches are

  • Focus on incorporating long-tail keywords in the content as long-tail keywords better match users’ search intent and serve users with better info.
  • Try to use Schema Markup(structured data) method in your content. It would help search engines to use, read, and understand data of your content and place your site on the top of SERPs.
  • Look at the bright side of utilizing content for featured snippetsand seal traffic for your business.
  • Try to optimize content for Google My Business. Make sure the profile has relevant information that users generally seek before taking any service or visiting a store.

Strategies for Targeting Zero-Click Searches

We all know, Google thinks of users before anything and everything. And the reason why, Zero-click searches getting more hype after 2020.

Therefore, along with optimizing content for zero-click searches, try to incorporate a few strategies that outrank your competitors in the zero-click search result race,

  • Optimize content for voice searchas zero-click search result adaptability is very common for mobile users who look for precise and practical answers.
  • Take note of creating video content. Video content not only attracts more traffic but also convinces users to buy products/services easily.
  • Don’t forget to power up and optimize content for your social media profiles to get visible in zero-search results.
  • Whatever the business/product you provide/sell, try to incorporate ‘Q & A and/or FAQs Section” in your content that supports Google’s “People Also Ask” feature.

Tracking Your Success with Zero-Click Searches

We cannot judge the progress/success rate of an online campaign until and unless we have the tool to measure it. Here comes, Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor, measure and track the progression of the zero-click search campaigns. Continuous tracking would not only help you to find out the effectiveness of existing zero-click SEO strategies but also guide you to come up with improved strategies to increase conversion accordingly

On a Closing note…..

Beyond doubt, the importance of Zero-Click Searches for SEO is unavoidable. Zero-click searches might not directly influence your potential users to visit your site, but it boosts the visibility of your site and traffic if you incorporate strategies for Zero-Click searches in your content correctly.

Try to keep eye on the latest trends of SEO, (just like the Featured Snippet is the hype for now) and get visible in zero-click searches not only for today but for weeks and months.

If you’re looking for SEO services in Texas, be sure to work with a reputable consultant who understands the latest trends and techniques for optimizing content for zero-click searches.