Musical Instruments: The Best Present for Children

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This holiday season, browsing through Wellington Christmas markets is a must for food, drinks, and general merriment. What about gifts, though? Holidays are incomplete without presents, but thinking of presents (especially for children) is simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. The present you pick should be personal and hold kids’ interest. A music shop in Wellington is your solution to finding the best gift for children.

Music is a universal language. From a harmonica to a drum set, musical instruments resonate with children of all ages and hobbies. If you are on the fence about gifting your child a musical instrument, these benefits will instantly make you wrap one in the prettiest paper!

Family Bonding Time

Quality time is essential for children and parents alike. It allows a family to come closer and grow stronger. Musical instruments are an excellent way of strengthening family bonds. Playing instruments makes children want to show their talents and newfound hobbies in front of their parents. Singing with your kid, praising them, and joining in as they hold a mini-concert are serotonin-boosting activities. According to a study, listening to music brings New Zealand families together.

Additionally, if you can play an instrument, playing it with your children can help them learn and grow. You can remember melodies and write songs together, giving your child the confidence and encouragement to continue.

Helps in Socialising

Another benefit of giving your child an instrument is that it hones their social skills. If they enjoy playing the instrument, enrolling them in music classes will allow them to meet new people. Alternatively, they can grow their hobby and join the school band—getting extra credits, participating in extracurricular activities, and socialising. Playing with new people will help them show their talent, expand their musical knowledge, learn how to communicate, and become team players. If they fall in with a musical crowd, they could learn to use loopers for compatible instruments, see what goes in a trumpet gig bag, or experiment with a metronome. Wellington hosts music festivals at Days Bay Pavilion, the Michael Fowler Centre, and The Opera House. You may see your child on stage in one of these venues if you encourage them.

Increase Self-Confidence

Music plays a crucial role in boosting self-confidence. Children with low self-esteem find comfort and solace in music. Christmas symbolises new beginnings, and instruments help kids start something new confidently. Playing instruments allows children to pace themselves and feel content when they play their favourite songs or learn new notes or melodies. Moreover, it instils a sense of responsibility within them as they learn to care for their instruments properly. You can teach them to maintain and store their gear for longevity. Let them use your trumpet care kit and put each guitar in the suitable cases and the right places.

Practice and Patience

Practice and patience go hand-in-hand. Picking new instruments is a game of patience and waiting; you do not master it overnight. Instruments teach children the value of patience, waiting, and setting expectations. It serves as a reminder that good things arrive upon waiting. Music shops have great resources to help children learn, understand, and practice. You can get booklets with Christmas songs, the latest hits, or funk and jazz classics.

Improve Academically

You might worry that spending time on instruments might derail your child’s academic performance. However, studies have shown that music is critical in improving academic performance. It nourishes your child’s brain in ways conventional methods fall short.

Music enhances memory and cognitive functions. It improves their reading ability, retention power, time management and decision-making skills.

Stress Reliever

Stress affects your child’s growth and development. A study suggests that playing musical instruments reduces stress in Wellington children by improving physiological and psychological experiences and stress factors. Playing string instruments like guitar and violin allow kids to focus on them, reducing their anxiety and nervousness.

Wrapping Up

Musical instruments are excellent gifts for children. Instruments improve their lifestyle whether or not a kid has prior experience with them. Even if you’re uncertain about what instruments they will strike a chord with, great music shops allow you to rent instruments. This Christmas, visit a music shop in Wellington to pick the best instrument for your child. It will help them build a hobby, improve their memory, increase their self-esteem, and boost their social abilities.