Projected Market Size for Vehicle Shipment in 2023

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Most analysts predict that global and U.S. auto sales would increase in 2023, unlike prior downturns when demand was weak. The auto transport industry is undergoing significant changes because of inflation, the rise of electric vehicles, and other recent events. This will have an impact on the volume of vehicle transport in 2023, which in turn will have an impact on auto availability, prices, and infrastructure.

14.8 million new vehicles will be sold in 2023, according to predictions based on consumer demand and improving inventory situations. This sale is 7% more than what the industry has experienced in 2022.

Thus, with an increase in sales, the demand for the auto transportation industry will also rise. Whether it is a door-to-door shipment, open carrier, or enclosed carrier, consumers will likely look for shipping companies to deliver their shipment locally or interstate.

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The auto industry comprises various service companies. They all are directly proportional to each other. When one market is impacted it reflects on other services as well. If America experiences a recession, customers can see a decline in overall automobile sales.

People may not only be attempting to save what they can, but they may also have less money to spend. Door-to-door vehicle transport services won’t be much impacted, but the long-distance vehicle hauling portion of the car transport service will suffer if dealerships don’t need to restock as frequently.

Families and the movement of the car industry within the US will have an impact on all aspects of the vehicle transportation industry. There can be sudden shunting of employees from shipping companies due to recession. As fewer people will relocate resulting in less demand for shipping. Moreover, those relocating might consult an auto shipping calculator and discover that it’s less expensive to transport their cars themselves.

Currently, with EVs hitting the market the demand for automobiles has risen. This has also increased the demand for the shipping industry. As per analysis, it is projected that the United States will not go through the recession in 2023. It is also projected that the auto industry market will rise higher than 7% which is also good for the shipping industry.

Online shopping is vastly popular. It is not limited to apparel and electronic gadgets, but buyers are dealing with auto sellers online. Purchasing a car online gives the benefit of negotiating for the best price from a dealer anywhere in the US.

This also keeps the auto shipping industry in huge demand as after the deal is cracked, the shipment is sent to different locations locally or interstate, or across the border.

Thus, the auto shipping industry is never going to see a recession. No matter how the auto industry fluctuates, the shipping industry will always run smoothly. Whether customers buy a new, or a used car or relocate for a better standard of living, shipping companies will remain in demand.