Thunderbird Emails with Attachments: How to Save Them to PDF

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No longer a cause for concern. I’m offering you a fantastic remedy that will solve your issue entirely. You may find the best and most accurate method for converting Thunderbird to word to pdf without changing any files in this article. First, I want to let you know that there are two ways to complete this task; you can choose the manual method or the expert option, which is MBOX to PDF Converter. You can read this article for more succinct information that will provide a perfect solution to the aforementioned problem.

A manual method for saving Thunderbird emails to PDF

For the purpose of carrying out the entire conversion process, this solution was broken into two sections. You must import the MBOX files into the Thunderbird programme in the first step before you can convert them to PDF format. To implement the conversion process, adhere to the instructions provided.

Using Thunderbird to import MBOX files
  • The Thunderbird application needs to be installed on your computer
  • The Import/Export Tools option can be found in the Tool menu at the top of the screen.
  • You can now import MBOX files into Thunderbird by selecting the Import MBOX File option in the next window.
The conversion of Thunderbird to PDF format is part ll
  • Thunderbird email client should be started and opened
  • Go to Import/Export Tools by pressing the Tool button again
  • Select PDF from the list of available formats and then select Export all messages in the folder.
  • Your screen will display a warning that attachments won’t be preserved. If you’re satisfied, move on and press the OK button.
A Manual Solution’s Critical Issues

Your MBOX files may be harmed by a few major manual solutions causes. The following problems that may occur during the conversion process are listed:

  • Human error has the highest probability.
  • A data loss problem can arise from any kind of error.
  • Technical knowledge is required.
  • It is mandatory to install Thunderbird.
  • Attachments cannot be transferred using this solution.
MBOX to PDF Converter Automated Tool for Batch Thunderbird File Conversion

Get Thunderbird to PDF Converter, the top choice advocated by professionals for the ideal procedure to print and save Thunderbird files to PDF. Users can convert Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Gmail, and other email clients to PDF using this software. All of the attachments can be converted into PDF format using this tool. You can batch convert Thunderbird files to PDF format using the program’s batch function.

Less chance of human error because software is required for the majority of the conversion process. Professionals claim that it is one of the best ways to convert Thunderbird files into PDF without making a single mistake. Below are a few of the key attributes of Thunderbird to PDF Converter:

The Thunderbird to PDF Converter has the following features
The conversion process is safe and secure

The app offers the simplest method for converting Thunderbird to PDF. Because it is a safe and secure method to carry out the entire process without any issues, users are free to use this software.

Thunderbird to PDF Converter Batch Function

You can choose Thunderbird to PDF Converter if you want a solution that enables you to convert a large number of Thunderbird files into PDF format. It has a batch option that allows for limitless Thunderbird to PDF conversions.

The ability to name files in a variety of ways

Additionally, it offers a variety of file naming possibilities for excellent database management. Users can arrange the files however they like using this feature. These various file naming options take the form of date+from+subject, date+subject, and so forth.

Applications based on MBOX are supported

All email clients that are MBOX-based are supported without any issues by MBOX to PDF Converter. Users can convert Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Gmail, Excel, and other programmes to PDF using this tool.

 The option to save PDFs and attachments is included

There are two options available for saving PDFs: saving individual PDF files for each email or saving all emails as one PDF. The option to save attachments in a separate folder or embed them in a PDF gives users two options. Users can therefore choose any option of their choosing.

It is compatible with all editions of Windows

This software is easy to use and can be applied to both the earliest and most recent versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and many others.

In summary

I’m hoping the techniques listed above will help you to address your issue with merging attachments from Thunderbird to PDF. Well! You should give Thunderbird to PDF Converter a try because it consistently works and offers a free trial version. The first 20 items of Thunderbird can be converted to PDF for free using this feature. After using the free copy, you can request the license edition.