Top 4 Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

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Everyone has experienced being slumped over a desktop, shoulders bowed, back throbbing, and the days passing by while they type away. And if you’ve already found yourself in this (bad) situation, you may have thought about the advantages of standing while working. So over the past couple of years, treadmills and standing workstations have become more common. And among the simple wellness solutions for companies to embrace and significantly boost office productivity is the availability of a standing desk.

By becoming knowledgeable about standing workstation mechanics, you can prevent back strain and the harm caused by prolonged PC use. And the advantages of using them are listed below:

1. Significant Boost in Productivity

Any manager will want to encounter the words “enhance your efficiency,” thus this perk can assist convince your business to purchase standing workstations.

Data from interventions involving 146 NHS employees—over 50% of whom switched from standard office desks to adjustable standing workstations—was released in the British Medical Journal. According to the research, those who transitioned from a stationary to a standing workplace environment claimed greater job satisfaction and fewer orthopedic issues. Within a year, the individuals reduced their everyday sitting time by 82.39 minutes, which they made up by standing when they worked.

2. Prominent Reduction in Back Pain

Among the most frequent complaints of working professionals who have been sitting throughout the day is back pain, which affects 80% of individuals at some point during their lives.

The effects of utilising a standing/height adjustable desk for staff members with chronic back pain have been the subject of numerous research. For instance, in 2011, the “Take-a-Stand Project” discovered that respondents’ neck and upper back pain decreased by 54% when they stood for a median of 66 minutes throughout the shift.

3. Helps in Enhancing Posture and Toning Muscles

It should come as no shock that standing for 60 minutes uses more muscles than sitting does. Standing for short periods throughout the day may assist your foot, ankle, leg, and core muscles to grow stronger. However, you should stand appropriately to be helpful. Unless you’re choosing to slump while working, it’s not worth spending the effort to stand.

Standing can take some getting accustomed to, so unless you’re having trouble, try gradually increasing the amount of time you spend standing rather than starting with four hours.

4. Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Over 60 years have indeed been spent researching the advantages of standing. A bus driver’s risk of death from cardiovascular disease was revealed to be half as high for those who stood for the entire workday in a 1953 survey of bus drivers. Six decades later, after the initial bus conductor research, an assessment of 18 investigations involving over 800,000 people reached the same results. They discovered that, as contrasted to an active life, a sedentary lifestyle was associated with a 90% rise in the likelihood of cardiovascular death and a 147% rise in the probability of cardiac disease.

Contemporary standing workstations make it simple to transition from a seated to a standing posture with the press of a button. Memory settings are offered on a few standing desk types, allowing you to swap quickly. Meanwhile, stay within a reasonable distance if you want to begin utilising standing workstations. You can become accustomed to standing for long durations by gradually increasing the amount of time you spend standing on a daily basis. Also, order some standing workstations today.