Tricks And Tips For Playing Fantasy Cricket

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There is no doubt that cricket is the most watched game in India. With the recent upsurge of Indian cricket, the sport has gained even more popularity among the masses of the country. The emergence of cricketing superstars like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in the last decade has played a major role in increasing the popularity of the sport. Played by several different teams from around the world throughout the year, cricket has increased its scope as a fantasy sport immensely.

Fantasy cricket is one of the most played fantasy games in the entire sports kingdom. With more and more cricket matches taking place around the world, the opportunities to earn money have increased significantly. Nowadays people have started playing fantasy cricket not only because cricket is their passion but also because they can earn some money using their cricket knowledge. People started participating in more and more fantasy cricket leagues to earn more and more money.

Naturally, not everyone is efficient at playing fantasy cricket online and needs to take help and read some tips to help them earn money while playing. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to play fantasy cricket and earn money while doing it.

Knowledge of cricket

The first thing to keep in mind is knowledge. Yes, it is not mandatory to be a cricket fan and have complete knowledge about the world of cricket. But with a little knowledge, you can get a lot further than the competition. What is important is the know-how of which player is in form and which player is a definite starter in the playing eleven. Another thing you can always do is ask someone for help. Grab a person with a keen knowledge of the game and it will do wonders for you.

Superior research skills

The second thing to keep in mind is research. This is probably the most important thing when playing fantasy cricket online. Without proper research, even the most experienced fans won’t attack when it matters most. There are several podcasts, articles, chat forums and videos that discuss the likely lineup and provide helpful tips that will in turn help you win some money. Remember this; an expert is called an expert because he has a good knowledge of the subject as well as fantasy sports.

A versatile team

Having a team of versatile players in your team is your best goal to get the most points out of the game. Suppose an all-rounder fails with the bat, he still has a chance to perform well with the ball given his all-round ability. A batsman who can mix well is your best bet to score important runs. This is a trick that many fantasy players fail to utilize properly.

Start small, go big

Choosing the right tournament is also very important. The right tournament will ensure that the prize you win is good enough and that there is a lower risk factor associated with your money. Joining a small tournament right from the start is the right way and a risk-free venture. Your chances of winning may be low, but you will get a very good hands-on experience.

Watch past and ongoing matches

Once you register on the platform, you should check the past trends and real-time matches and select the team accordingly. Real-time team tracking and selection will give you a big edge over your competition. No need to worry if you fail in one attempt. You can try as many combinations as possible to achieve the perfect result.

Choose your captain and vice-captain carefully

Other things to keep in mind are who you have chosen as captain and vice-captain. The safest bet is to always keep the best player as captain. The player will surely give you the most points in the long run. While the captain gives you 2x points, the vice-captain gives you 1.5x points. It is therefore important to choose a good vice-captain for your team as well.

Jump with a dark horse

There is also another option to guess wildly and go with the dark horse. Although the certainty of points may be lower, if the player strikes, you can also strike gold. The amount of points you can get if your dark horse strikes gold is huge. And although it can be a hit on the black, there is also a chance to predict who may be your dark horse. After studying the game and the players in depth, you will become adept at guessing dark horse options.

Favorable or unfavorable course and weather conditions

Fields and weather conditions are also a few factors to keep in mind when deciding on a team. The condition of the pitch is also important to know when you want to pick a player as pitches vary by stadium and weather conditions.

Keep the game format in mind when playing

The points system can also vary depending on the type of match being played, be it an ODI match, a T20I match or a Test match. Select players based on the format and their fluency with it.