Why Ludo the most popular board games to play?

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A part of our lives and many generations and definitely staying for a while. The reason why people love board games so much is that it’s fun to play, you can enjoy your time with others playing in teams and strengthen your relations, as well as learn teamwork. Here’s why Ludo is the most famous board game in India.

Ludo is a board game that is popular in India and neighbouring countries to play. The game relies both on luck and strategy for the engagement. There are two options for the number of players, so that it can be between 2-4 people; each has four tokens each, and they have to start by rolling the dice.

It’s one of the top-tier online games in the world, it is constantly being played by hundreds of thousands of people. There are many probable reasons for this, such as how easy to understand it is. The game takes skill and strategy.

It is a popular game that can be played by anyone from any part of the world. There might be some rules differences, but the game remains fundamentally the same no matter where in the world you live. Ludo and Snakes & Ladder are sold together as one board game, and it is sold with boards for both of these games printed on opposite sides.

Popularity of Ludo during the lockdown

Ludo is popular and there are many developers who believe the game satisfies several criteria. Ludo originated in India, and what you see today is not the original Indian game, but one that started as a remake.

After years of experimenting with the game and struggling to get a consensus, players have finally come to agree on Ludo’s current rules. After testing and reevaluating the rules, players have created a perfectly balanced version of the game.

Of course, in the past few years, the online Ludo game has become mainstream and is played by thousands of people. Since it is popular, the most interesting thing about Ludo is that one can play games remotely with players from all over the world.

Ludo is one of the top games on social media due to the fact that players can earn real money playing the game.

There are many reasons for the popularity of Ludo, and one of the biggest is because it’s easy enough for just about anyone to start playing this popular board game, and do so without losing any money. Yet another reason Ludo has become so popular recently is because players get rewarded– they’re able to earn real money by using their gaming skills.

Ludo is reimagining gaming in India by providing a social, digital experience that you can play when you’re at home or on the go. Ludo is easy to play and with AIO Games as a platform to play it received its maximum number of players during the pandemic. Let’s get into how the Indian gaming industry is being redefined now with Ludo.

How to play online ludo?

With more choices of ways to play, Ludo earn money can be a source of income and fun. At AIO Games, players have an equal chance to play Ludo cash games and earn huge rewards while getting closer to their favourite game.

To make playing Online Ludo as easy and convenient as possible, here see all the rules and regulations for playing that game on the leading platforms.

  • Games come in two to four player variations, and different colours for each. In the game, all players start with 4 coins.
  • The goal is to take those coins to the “home” pocket – which corresponds to one of the side pockets on the opposite end of the board.
  • To play, coin tails must enter the game on a designated square at either end of the board.
  • In the game, players can collect dice with the number 6 and use these dice to throw again until they get a score of six.
  • In order to win, players will need to keep all their dice in the home pocket before anyone else does. If a player takes out an opponent’s coin, that player gets an additional turn unless the opponent is good at defending themselves which leads the winner back to square one.
  • With specific stops, players cannot move their coins. Every player throws the dice one by one, and it’s their job to get all four of their coins home without ever getting them trapped in a pocket where they can’t get them back out.
Player-Driven Development

While Ludo was originally a board game, the developers have combined clever developments in technology to create an online mobile version which has been successful for players. This success gives players the opportunity to enjoy playing this classic game with friends from the comfort of their homes.

Ludo has been perfectly refined to keep its players engaged and easy to play. The game can also keep people entertained for hours by providing enough depth to make it an intense experience.

Helps You Learn Important Life Skills

The game is popular among those who play it because they offer gamers the opportunity to develop skills that they’ll need in life, such as communication and decision making.

Ludo helps redefine the Indian gaming industry by teaching players how to succeed, work with smart strategies, and give up easier. Ludo teaches its players several other valuable skills such as wisdom and wise learning while they play.


With a list of pros, it is clear why Ludo has thousands of players hooked to their phones. Players in India have played this game since its inception and there are many tournaments at the same time that advertise prizes.

The AIO Games has prizes to win, and allows the players to enjoy a good time. Players can also try out other games that are available on the AIO Games platform, including Carrom Game Online and 8 Ball pool

The All In One games app developed a skill-based game, where users can play and make money from it. The Ludo game app is for those who want to stay online over 24/7 and win real money.

Online Ludo’s game has gone on to become a tech-based reality. The AIO Games app pays you to play and win, in real money.