Why You Should Use USA Dedicated Server for Your Online Business

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If you have an application that needs hosting, the best way to do so is by using a dedicated server. A dedicated server allows you to use your own private server, which will allow you to customize it how you want as well as make sure it’s secure and reliable. USA Dedicated Server are ideal because they allow you full control over your server as well as its applications and data, rather than being shared with others or having limited access or control.

The only other person with access to your server is you, which helps keep your information secure and private. Most dedicated servers are fully managed, which means that someone else monitors and manages your system; however, if you already have an IT department in place, then you can simply buy a pre-USA Dedicated server from us. Choosing our servers allows you to run multiple applications at once-something that’s not possible with most shared hosting services.

Features of USA Dedicated Server

A USA Dedicated Server is essentially a personal computer that you control. So, unlike shared hosting, you have total administrative access to your server and its system resources. This means that you can easily add or remove software, set specific user accounts with unique access rights, or even reinstall an operating system entirely. The process of changing your web host should be simple—just log in to your account with us and swap out one server for another in just a few minutes!

Choosing the Right Location

Choosing a location for your USA Dedicated Server will have several effects on your business. The first and most obvious is that it affects where your customers are located; if you’re selling products or services, you may not want to be in an area that has few potential customers. Second, physical proximity can affect your ability to scale effectively; if you’re planning on running thousands of servers, finding a good data center isn’t an option.

Choosing the Right Technology Stack

Technology stocks are essentially your building blocks. They’re important to figure out because they determine what kind of architecture you’ll build and how well it will perform. As an example, if you decide to build your app with Ruby on Rails and then later decide that you need to process more than 50,000 requests per minute, changing from Ruby on Rails to Python will be harder than if you built your app with a Python-based technology stack from day one. What makes for a good technology stack?

Choosing an Operating System

While many hosting providers will allow you to choose an operating system, it’s important to consider which is best. For example, Windows systems may be more vulnerable to malware and other attacks than Linux. It is also important to keep your business goals in mind when choosing an operating system: if it seems likely that you will want to host multiple applications on your server, then a Linux-based environment may be ideal.

Do you want backup services?

If you use our dedicated servers, we provide several backup services to protect your data. This includes backups of your operating system and any software you have installed on your dedicated server. We also offer offsite backups with an additional fee that can be scheduled every day or week depending on your preference. Offsite backups are stored in multiple locations across multiple states to ensure that no matter what happens, you’ll never lose access to your data.

How to connect server websites?

If you’re using a dedicated server, you will need to connect your websites to their respective IP addresses. This can be done by performing port forwarding on your router and configuring each website’s settings. Each hosting provider offers different methods of doing so; refer to your provider’s instructions for more information.

How does Onlive Server Help You?

One of the main reasons our clients choose to host their applications on an Onlive server is because of performance. When you use an Onlive server, your application will be faster, more secure, and less likely to experience downtime. The only way to achieve these results is by hosting in a single location. Our servers are stored in one of our four data centers located across Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, and Miami. This provides our clients with fast network speeds and eliminates lag time due to remote connectivity.


Choosing a dedicated server can help your application run faster, more efficiently, and with less risk of downtime. A US-based data center provides your application with local access to content delivery networks (CDNs) and other important infrastructure. This can significantly improve page load speeds and overall performance. Most importantly, you’ll be able to host your app securely with us! Host it yourself or let our team of web hosting experts do it for you—we have options available that fit any budget.